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Power of Love

Adelaide Advertiser (Aust)
Ewart Shaw

Deborah Riedel’s debut as Tosca was delayed but well worth the wait. The audience was able to hear a new and impressive voice in the role….                           

Riedel’s voice is a lustrous and lyrical instrument, with just enough dramatic edge when required, and her personality is warm and engaging. Her Tosca is young, vulnerable, indeed immature: easily moved to jealousy but bewitching enough to attract the attentions of two so different men.

Tosca grows slowly in emotional insight. Her last words over Scarpia’s body are delivered not melodramatically but almost with surprise, her lament over her lover’s corpse truly heartfelt.

The only comparison it would be sensible to make with Joan Carden’s opening night performance is how remarkable it is that two sopranos at different stages of experience of the role can be so different and so compelling.