The Galant Bassoon

Ron Salemi
Fanfare (USA)

What’s that you say? You’re not familiar with Bach’s two bassoon sonatas? There’s a reason for that. They are transcriptions of sonatas originally written for flute, in B Minor (1030) and E Minor (1034). In fact, the only work on this recording actually written for bassoon is Telemann’s Sonata in F Minor (41:f1). The other Telemann works were written for viola da gamba and can be played on the bassoon without change of key. The C. P. E. Bach sonata was written in a for solo flute.

Matthew Wilkie brings a phenomenal technique to these performances. In Fanfare 30:5, Laura Rónai praised his “seamless technique” and “natural musicality” in a performance of Mozart’s Bassoon Concerto. His playing is elegant, his breath control amazing. Da Costa and Boersma are equal partners in a well-played and enjoyable recital.

The accompanying booklet is bound into the folder, but the plastic holder for the disc easily became detached in my copy. The notes are informative in a beautifully produced booklet. If you enjoy chamber music of the Baroque and early Classical periods, this disc is self-recommending. It’s a real winner. Ron Salemi