The Galant Bassoon

John Daly-Peoples
National Business Review (NZ)

A number of classical recordings have been coming out of Australia in the last few years, taking Australian music and performers into the international classical music world including some impressive recordings from the Melba Foundation...

Three recent recordings; J.S. Bach Organ Sonatas, BWV525 – 530, The Galant Bassoon and Sublime Mozart: Works for Clarinet show the high level of talent and recording expertise that is the hallmark of the foundation's releases.

The Galant Bassoon features six Chamber Music works for Bassoon, Harpsichord and Double Bass, three by Bach and three by Telemann.

Matthew Wilkie plays the bassoon and is accompanied by Neal Peres Da Costa (Harpsichord) and Kees Boersma (Double Bass)

The bassoon’s rich velvety notes are beautifully controlled by Matthew Wilkie and his melody line drifts cleanly over the accompanying harpsichord and bass.

His robust, macho bassoon set against the sharpness and delicacy of the harpsichord gives the works a beguiling animation and drama.

Like much of the work of the two composers there is a sense of simplicity which disguises an intricate complexity and the three players manage to reveal.

The experimental nature of Bach’s compositions with solid classicism of the works interspersed with elements of a Romantic nature is a strong feature notably in the presto movement of his Sonata in E minor.