Back from Oblivion

Bob Crimeen
Sunday Herald Sun (Australia)
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The tuba and euphonium in modern times booted the ophicleide – some argue the most mellifluous of brass instruments, though sometimes unkindly described as an anorexic tuba – out of European orchestras and, until recently, into obscurity.

This is a revelatory recording, on which Sydney Symphony Orchestra trombonist – and ophicleidan – Nick Byrne teams seamlessly with accompanying pianist David Miller to package 10 compositions that facilitate the fullest range of tonal colours and musical moods of which this difficult instrument is capable.

From the elegiac beauty of Edvard Grieg’s Ich Liebe Dich to George Frederic Handel’s aria, from Acis and Galatea, “O Ruddier than the Cherry”, Byrne and Miller bring this music from the pens of famous and obscure composers to life.