Guillaume-Hugues Fernay
Classique News (France)

It was a marvellous idea to record those long forgotten arias, rarely heard in the concert halls and the opera houses. They underline the composer’s deep and sincere sensibility towards feminine passion.

Richard Bonynge recorded here in Sydney in 1998 this recital of arias which would be to difficult to program in an opera house.

The selection is is extremely interesting. The lyric soprano Rosamund Illing sings the different tessitura with ease, her voice is neither too heavy nor affected, her diction is clear, her musicality is not in doubt. She has our full support.

Each nuance is painted with mastery from Sapho to Chimène and Ariane, without forgetting Grisédilis, a multitude of feelings and moods, quite out of the ordinary, ranging from tragedy, despair, pain and the terrifying loneliness are displayed ...

Richard Bonynge directs his orchestra with a just perfect equilibrium between soloists and the instrumental mass.

Apart from its stunning SACD technology, this recording is a must because of the excellent choice of works selected.

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