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Melba eNews | 10 April 2015

Reflections from
The Hon. George Brandis QC,
Attorney General and Minister for the Arts
and The Hon. Dr Barry Jones AO

The Hon. George Brandis QC
Maria Vandamme and The Hon. George Brandis QC
The Arts Policy of the Hon George Brandis QC, Attorney-General and Minister for Arts is based on six key principles:

"Excellence, integrity, artistic freedom, self-confidence, sustainability and accessibility"

Click here to read Senator Brandis' vision for the arts.
The Hon. Dr Barry Jones AO
Barry Jones
The Hon. Dr Barry Jones AO is a passionate advocate for patronage of Australian culture on the world stage.

In this 4 part video Barry speaks about the arts and government support.

Click here for interview excerpts and to see the video.
David Dubal
David Dubal
Taking up the theme of Barry Jones interview, David Dubal, a major figure in the New York music scene, performer, author, broadcaster and long time teacher at the Juilliard School of Music, writes:

“The arts are in dire need, as we are living amidst terrible heart breaking materialism that is soulless. This must stop or nations will die without art. As the great critic George Steiner wrote: ‘The “useless” is the highest form of human activity. Music is “useless”, but we could not live without it. We know very little about how the useless becomes the indispensible, but it does’.”

David Dubal Society.
Benjamin Martin
In the Wake of the Great War
An endorsement from David Dubal is as good as it gets for any performer. Of Benjamin Martin’s solo debut, In the Wake of the Great War
featuring music by Delius, Bax, Vaughan Williams and an arrangement by Benjamin of Charlie Chaplin’s Smile,

Dubal acclaims it as “a treasure trove of great music"

"Congratulations on the ground-breaking recording of the art of Benjamin Martin, one of the great pianists of my time; a magnificent composer and teacher, and a probing thinker on music and the arts in general. This CD is remarkable in its thoughtful programming, and in bringing to light works of genius that have been neglected. The sound and production are excellent, as are the essays by such fine writers as Michael Kennedy and Michael Quinn.” David Dubal
Matthew Westwood interviews Maria Vandamme
Maria Vandamme
In a recent Australian Review magazine, Matthew Westwood interviewed Maria Vandamme about the Melba vision and why it matters now more than ever.

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