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Go behind the scenes for insights on our recordings, our artists and our future plans. Follow our artists' schedules and share the excitement of their journeys.

Conductor Guillaume Tourniaire is restoring a forgotten cache of 'lost' classical music to modern audiences, writes Robin Usher.
Opéra (France) (February 2010)**LE DIAMANT D’OPÉRA**(Special Commendation)An Australian tenor and a French conductor transform Chausson’s celebrated Poème de l’amour de la mer partnered with some extremely rare and passionate works for voice and...
Ray Chen is on the path towards a brilliant musical career, writes Philippa Hawker in The Age newspaper.
Unusual choices have breathed life into the forgotten music of two French composers, Catherine Lambert writes. A Melbourne record label has brought previously buried music into the light. Melba Recordings has been attracting attention from the world...
Interview between Xavier Barnich and Maria Vandamme, CEO and Founder of Melba Recordings, an Australian music label, Les Editions Romaines, France, in January 2010   Read the full interview
Winning the Queen Elisabeth music competition in Belgium in May hardly allowed Brisbane violinist Ray Chen to rest on his laurels. WINNING the Queen Elisabeth music competition in Belgium in May hardly allowed Brisbane violinist Ray Chen to rest on...
KRISTIAN Winther sits at a South Melbourne cafe in the spring sunshine with his back to the Australian National Academy of Music. The classical bulk of the institution looms large, literally and figuratively, in the life of the young violinist....
  Renowned lover of French music, Barry Humphries, is in town promoting his new book Handling Edna and touring with the Australian Chamber Orchestra. He joined fellow Melba Ambassadors, Barry Tuckwell and Barry Jones and Melba Managing...
Park Lane Group, Purcell Room, London, 07/01/2009 The promotion of young talent has become so central to today’s music world that you wonder how artists ever established themselves in the past. But they did, and for more than 50 years they have...
The Prix Lauritz Melchior, Académie du disque lyrique (Paris) was awarded to Timothy Mussard for his role as Siegfried in Melba's Götterdämmerung recording.This prestigious award recognized Mussard as the outstanding Heldentenor recorded that year...