Beloved of the Gods

Paul Turok
Turok's Choice (US)

Mozart’s Trio in Eb (K.498) for clarinet, viola and piano is a masterpiece, not only for the beautiful music it contains, but for the incredible balance the composer maintains among the three instruments. It is superbly played by a group consisting of the Dean brothers (Brett, a violist formerly with the Berlin Philharmonic and Paul, a superb clarinetist whose Mozart was reviewed in Issue 213) Melba) and pianist Stephen Emmerson (hybrid SACD 301121). The disc is shared by other excellent performers, the Tinalley String Quartet, which plays Mendelssohn’s String Quartet No.2, Op.13. It also contains the Pamina Suite, music from The Magic Flute, competently arranged by Emmerson for clarinet, viola and piano...