Beloved of the Gods

Howard Smith
Music and Vision Daily (UK)

...For their recording of K498 the Kegelstatt, Melba Recordings has co-opted The Dean Emmerson Dean Trio, comprising clarinettist Paul Dean, brother, composer/violist Brett Dean, and pianist Senior Lecturer in Music Literature and Cultural Studies, Stephen Emmerson.

Here we have a truly idiomatic performance alive with the fullest measure of Mozartian dynamics...Would-be purchasers with the Clarinet Quintet among their current CDs may opt to have this Mozart/Mendelssohn coupling in their collection(s). In addition they'll acquire the Papamina Suite, an arrangement of music from Mozart's The Magic Flute by Stephen Emmerson...the Papamina Suite is a thoroughly enjoyable sixteen and a half minute romp played here with irresistible enjoyment...

The Tinalley Quartet account can hold its head up among the most formidable of recorded rivals. It reveals a fine, judicious blend of Mendelssohn's incomparably crafted hallmark 'romance' and vernal gaiety.